About Webpage

Blogging.com.ng builds websites to meet the needs of businesses and individuals; Webpage was built to provide exposure for Nigeria websites.

The web is skewed in favour of the strong, fresh, and loaded – contentwise. Business websites in Nigeria like in many other countries therefore find it challenging to get the eyeballs they need for their products and services.

Since not everyone has the funds or manpower to run advertising campaigns on the Internet to promote their website, there is a need for alternatives. With Webpage comes an alternative. We have business websites in Nigeria in our sights.

I had always thought of a means of promoting local websites in an interesting way. Directories are great, but then I thought something more interesting to get people’s attention and heart is needed. Connecting with Blogging brought up a solution and Webpage.com.ng was born.

Why Webpage?

Since we would not just be mentioning business websites only but rather a broad coverage of what is available on the Nigeria web, we decided on the name Webpage. We had some options like Links, Virtual, but we preferred the simplicity and the directness Webpage has with the objectives we want to achieve with this project.

About Blogging.com.ng

Blogging.com.ng is primarily focused on wholesome blogging, that is providing wholesome information covering issues of concern to individuals and groups. We see gaps and build web resources to attend to those gaps. Once we see gaps, we launch the platforms and get brands in that area to partner by providing sponsorship for the blog.

We are independent of these brands partnering with us and are not influenced by the brand. We own the content, the infrastructure and the decisions of what to publish on the platforms we build.

Beneficial Partnerships

We partner with businesses and individuals who have interests, products, or services matching the theme of our corporate blogs. If you want your business or organization to partner with us or you want to partner with us as your personal brand, you can contact us.

We love to discuss with people about our projects whether or not it is about corporate blog funding or sponsorship.